bob collymore foundation

The Bodapreneur Program

The Bob Collymore Foundation together with InkedBikers provided a one day training workshop for boda- boda riders.  This motorcycle safety training program was complemented with basic business skills to professionalise commercial motorcycle riding.

Dubbed, “Boda Yangu Ofisi Yangu,” the training provided three modules:

  1. Mental Skills of Riding – a video tutorial and a Q&A session to test the rider’s situation awareness, hazard perception, understanding of traffic and road rules amongst others.
  2. Customer Care
    A short training on how to best maximise customers satisfaction with business.
  3. Motorcycle Skills Handling and Tests
    A practical session to assess the riders’ skills on the motorcycle and to address the challenges with some training then and in the future.

The workshop culminated in a skills test with the first prize being a brand new motorcycle to enable the winner to start or expand their business.